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World Squash Day toolkit

Everything you need to support and promote your World Squash Day activities

Check back soon for further downloads and resources including infographics, pro videos, social media images, posters and more!

Become a delivery partner

Become a delivery partner by staging a World Squash Day event. Simply add details of your event here and we'll add it to our World Squash Day map (launching soon).

Delivery partners can claim a Karakal kit bag to support their World Squash Day activities providing they:

  • are an affiliated club
  • record 20 adult players on the England Squash app by 12 September 2019
  • aim to attract 30+ players to your World Squash Day event
  • record all the players who attend your World Squash Day event.

World Squash Day event ideas

Check out our ideas for staging a successful World Squash day event:

Hold an open day

Open your doors to the local community and encourage people to pop along to the club. Make sure your activities appeal to those who haven't played squash before. Remember, this is an opportunity to promote the whole club, it doesn't just have to be about squash. Showcase the community within your club, open the bar up, have a cake sale and stage family activities.

Hold taster sessions / beginners events

Organise taster sessions for beginners and newer players. Newer players will want to know that the activities will be beginner friendly. Make the activities easier to get involved in, so look to stage drop-in sessions, have-a-go activities and challenges. Not sure what activities to deliver? Have a look at our participation programmes. They’re perfect for newer players who are looking for fun, informal, social, group activities.

Competitions / festivals

Host fun festivals and competitions for your current players. Why not try something different - mix your teams up to encourage players to meet each other, run frantic squash or encourage them to bring a friend along?

Fundraise for a local charity

Why not host a charity fundraising event like a 24-hour squashathon or a charity squash tournament? Use the occasion to invite new players along and ask your members to bring their friends and family.

A celebration event

Use the opportunity for a celebration! How about a mixed team event, exhibition match or club night? Make use of your club's bar or cafe area to add to the social feel.

Attract people to your event

Once you've decided on the type of event you'll host, it's time to think about how you will get people there.

Link up with other sports within your venue

Invite the members from your club's other sports sections to try squash for World Squash Day. It's a captive audience that you can tap into!

Get families involved

Hold an event for the whole family. Invite the parents of your juniors along or the children of your adult players.

Get friends involved

Encourage your current members to bring a friend for free to an event on World Squash Day. Offer them an incentive like a free month's pass for the friend and the member.

Community groups

Link up with a local community group and invite them along to try squash like the Women’s Institute, the University of the Third Age, a local college, a local university, the local nursery or a local business.

Promote in your local community

Promote your activities locally. Make use of community Facebook groups and display posters in the local area.

Top tips for staging a successful event

  1. Ensure the event is fun and beginner friendly. It doesn’t need to be all about squash, you could showcase your club as a whole.
  2. Make it a celebration and have lots of passionate people helping out, with music, food and balloons.
  3. Think about how you will continue to provide something for newer players. Do you have an offer that meets their needs? Our participation programmes are all aimed at newer or less frequent players, and we have club grants available for those looking to kick start these programmes following your World Squash Day activities.
  4. Start marketing and promoting early. Keep the momentum going and market it in different places. Ensure your promotional materials are attractive, consider what a newbie is looking for. They may not know anything about squash so images of high-level players are unlikely to attract them. Have a look at our image library featuring recreational players.

Promote your World Squash Day events

It's important to promote your events to as many people as possible. Here are a few suggestions of people, groups and organisations to contact.

  • Your Active Partnership will have contacts with many local community groups and could help to promote your World Squash day events.
  • Tell your local press about your events, and invite them along on the day.
  • Find out which local community groups and businesses are nearby and get in touch to tell them about your events and invite them along.
  • If you're part of a multi-sport club invite the players from other sports sections to come along.
  • Your county squash association can help with promoting your events.
  • Link up with local schools, colleges and universities.
  • Get in touch with your local council and councillors – invite them along to your event.

Make some noise on social media

Make effective use of social media to promote your events. Here's are some top tips for social media.

  • Add our World Squash Day Facebook and Twitter cover photos below to create more exposure
  • Make a list of the social media handles of your local community groups and organisations and tag them into your social media promotion. Ne sure to tag in England Squash and World Squash Day.
  • Always use #WorldSquashDay on your social media posts to amplify the message. Be sure to include the word RETWEET or SHARE to encourage people to retweet / repost.
  • Bring your posts to life and make them more engaging with images and videos. Check out our videos and image below.
  • Create a World Squash Day event on your Facebook page and invite your members to share it to keep your community updated.
  • Share you World Squash Day activities in your local community Facebook groups.
  • Use the World Squash Day images on your website and make sure the information about your event is easy to find.

Downloadable posters and social media assets

The social media images below have all be created to the correct sizes for social media channels. Simply download the image and use it in your social media promotion.

World Squash Day poster

Download JPEG version

World Squash Day poster

Download PDF version

Instagram news feed image


Facebook and Twitter news feed image


Facebook cover photo image


Twitter cover photo image


You can find more downloadable images in the following toolkits.


Download the World Squash Day logo to use on your World Squash Day promotion

World Squash Day logo (white background)


World Squash Day logo (black background)