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World Squash Day toolkit

Everything you need to support and promote your World Squash Day activities

The leaderboard

Throughout World Squash Day, we'll update the leaderboard to show how we're progressing towards our 5,000 player goal. As you add your players to the app, the leaderboard will update, giving us the grand total and showing how each club is contributing to achieving the goal.

Win prizes

We've some fantastic prizes up for grabs for those who record their World Squash Day players on the England Squash app on Saturday 12 October.

Club prizes

There will be four opportunities throughout World Squash Day for clubs to win an England senior or Academy player appearance at their club plus six six-month memberships at SquashSkills. All clubs who've already started recording players on the England Squash app will enter the prize draw. The draw will be made at 11am, 2pm, 5pm and 8pm and a winner will be selected at random.

County Association prizes

The county association that adds the most players at World Squash Day events within their county will win an England Squash coach appearance to be used to deliver a workshop to coaches within the county.

Player prizes

All players added to the England Squash app on the day will receive an email with a 45% discount code to be redeemed at

Coach prizes

All England Squash coach members who add 25+ players to the England Squash app at their World Squash Day events will receive a free six-month SquashSkills membership.

Terms and conditions.

How to add players to the England Squash app

Please note, only coaches and leaders can add players to the England Squash app.

On World Squash Day, we're encouraging clubs to use the England Squash app to add the players who attend their World Squash Day events. Every player added will receive a 45% discount code for the Karakal online store which will be sent to them directly by email.

Can't log in? Email

Step 1 - Add your World Squash Day session
  • Go to 'My sessions'
  • Select 'Add new session'
  • Select 'World Squash Day' from the session type
  • Input your date, start time and venue name and then save.
Step 2 - Add your players

Add your players as they arrive on the day.

  • Open up your 'World Squash Day session'
  • As your players arrive, you can use the England Squash app to sign them in.
    • Select 'Add new player'
    • Select the players age
    • Ask them to enter their details
  • If they have already been added to the app:
    • Select 'Add existing player'
Think about how this will happen at your events
  • Do you have a reception where your players can be asked to sign in using the app as they arrive?
  • Will you have some volunteers taking peoples' details as they arrive?
  • Do you have a laptop, tablet or phone available that can be used for people to sign in?

Tips to attract players

  1. Ensure the event is fun and beginner-friendly. It doesn’t need to be all about squash, you could showcase your club as a whole.
  2. Make it a celebration and have lots of passionate people helping out, with music, food and balloons.
  3. Think about how you will continue to provide something for newer players. Do you have an offer that meets their needs? Our participation programmes are all aimed at newer or less frequent players, and we have club grants available for those looking to kick start these programmes following your World Squash Day activities.
  4. Start marketing and promoting early. Keep the momentum going and market it in different places. Ensure your promotional materials are attractive, consider what a newbie is looking for. They may not know anything about squash so images of high-level players are unlikely to attract them. Have a look at our image library featuring recreational players.

Once you've decided on the type of event you'll host, it's time to think about how you will get people there. Here are our tips:

Link up with other sports within your venue

Invite the members from your club's other sports sections to try squash for World Squash Day. It's a captive audience that you can tap into!

Get families involved

Hold an event for the whole family. Invite the parents of your juniors along or the children of your adult players.

Get friends involved

Encourage your current members to bring a friend for free to an event on World Squash Day. Offer them an incentive like a free month's pass for the friend and the member.

Community groups

Link up with a local community group and invite them along to try squash like the Women’s Institute, the University of the Third Age, a local college, a local university, the local nursery or a local business.

Promote in your local community

Promote your activities locally. Make use of community Facebook groups and display posters in the local area.

It's important to promote your events to as many people as possible. Here are a few suggestions of people, groups and organisations to contact.

  • Your Active Partnership will have contacts with many local community groups and could help to promote your World Squash day events.
  • Tell your local press about your events, and invite them along on the day.
  • Find out which local community groups and businesses are nearby and get in touch to tell them about your events and invite them along.
  • If you're part of a multi-sport club invite the players from other sports sections to come along.
  • Your county squash association can help with promoting your events.
  • Link up with local schools, colleges and universities.
  • Get in touch with your local council and councillors – invite them along to your event.

Video downloads

Download our promotional videos to use across your digital channels to entice players to your event.

Nick Matthew

Download now

Tania Bailey

Download now

World Squash Day promo

Download now

Poster: 10 great reasons to play squash

Download our new A4 poster showcasing the great benefits of squash to use on your website, social media channels or around your venue.

Social media graphics: 10 reasons to play squash

Download our 10 social media graphics promoting the benefits of squash to promote on your Insta, Twitter and Facebook to entice players to your event.

Downloadable posters and digital assets

Download the images below to use our website and social media promotion:

Download the World Squash Day poster
World Squash Day poster

Download JPG
Download PDF

Twitter: profile photo


Facebook: profile photo


Instagram: news feed image


Facebook and Twitter: news feed image


Website banner (landscape - 366x280)


Website banner (portrait - 300x600)


Download more images in the following toolkits:

Official logo

Download the World Squash Day logo:

World Squash Day logo (white background)


World Squash Day logo (black background)