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11 March 2021: Exploring the Sport England Strategy: Recover and Reinvent

In this 55-minute webinar, we explore the Sport England strategy and specifically how squash can recover and reinvent from the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear concerns from the community plus ideas on how to grow the sport after lockdown ends. Issues such as engaging new groups of people, concerns over closing courts and strategic planning were also discussed.

26 October 2020: COVID-19 local alert levels and re-engaging players with our Bounce Back campaign

In this engaging 30-minute webinar we outline the key changes and answer some common FAQs around permitted activity following the introduction of COVID alert levels by the UK Government.

Also included are some top tips on how you can still re-engage players through our Bounce Back campaign as well as details on the latest funding opportunities available to clubs, a must watch for clubs and coaches.

8 September 2020: Return to play phases, bubbles and out of school activities

In this enlightening 45-minute webinar for clubs, venues and coaches, we head off your questions following the release of our latest guidance and the introduction of squash bubbles. Find out more about the return to play phases, information on how clubs and coaches should manage bubbles, plus more detail on the addition of out of school activities for groups of up to 15 children. Watch now: