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Inside Walthamstow

In just two years, Walthamstow Squash Club has introduced more than 1,500 school kids to squash. In this enlightening interview, Vicky Te Velde, head squash coach at the club reveals how they engaged the local schools, introduced an academy to retain the pupils, and used initiatives including Junior 101 to makes sessions fun and engaging.

About Junior 101

Junior 101 is a new digital coaching resource packed full of fun activities designed to engage and develop children as young as five. Coaches and clubs can download the ‘pick and mix’ activity cards to deliver tailored session to groups of young people in school, club or community settings. Keep an eye out for some new exciting Junior 101 content we’ll be launching in the coming weeks.

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Schools Squash Leaders Award

We want to see more schools delivering squash activity which is why we’ve launched our new Schools Squash Leaders Award aimed at teachers and level 2 coaches in other sports. This three-hour course provides candidates with the content to deliver in schools so teachers can start to introduce young people to squash during PE lessons and extra-curricular activities in school.

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