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Competitions and events FAQs

Find all the answers to your questions with our competitions and events FAQs below:

How do I get on the national junior rankings?

If you would like to appear on the national junior rankings please fill in this short form, once you have played your first event. You will need to list your name, date of birth, county, England Squash membership number and list the sanctioned events that you have played.

How often are the national junior rankings updated?

The national junior rankings are updated at the beginning of every month. The update includes all results from sanctioned events held up to the 15th of the previous month.

If an event is oversubscribed how are entries accepted?

Entries for all England Squash sanctioned events are accepted based on national ranking with foreign players being accepted on current form. However, in exceptional circumstances, England Squash reserve the right to include players that do not attain the requisite national ranking. Such cases could include previously highly ranked players who have been injured for a considerable period of time. These players would be accepted on current form. Exceptional cases will be reviewed by the Coaching & Performance team, in conjunction with the Competitions & Events team.

How can I get involved in the Inter County Championships?

Contact your county association for details on county training and inter county teams.

What is a sanctioned event?

Sanctioned events are run at clubs that form part of the England Squash Junior Calendar. Sanctioned events are run under England Squash guidance and all feed into the national junior rankings.

How do I host a sanctioned event?

Full details of the process for hosting sanctioned events are available at

When I move age groups do I keep my ranking points?

When a player moves up an age group their results and points remain in the system. A player's ranking can include two results from a lower and/or higher age group.

Is there a national competition for schools to enter?

England Squash run the National School Championships which includes boys and girls Under 13, 15, 17 and 19 categories. The championships run from September and conclude with finals in March.

What events are run for masters players?

England Squash run masters categories at the National Championships and the Inter County Championships as well as the British Open Masters. In addition, the England Squash Masters committee organise a regional circuit of events throughout the season - for further details see:

Is eye protection compulsory for all junior squash players?

Approved eye protection must be worn by all junior players at all England Squash competitions and activities including when participating in the adult age group. In addition, England Squash highly recommend that juniors wear eye protection whenever on court.

What is a SPIN number?

The World Squash Federation has introduced an international athlete licence. Any player wishing to participate in World Individual and Team Championships, Regional Championships, Tour Events and World and European Junior Circuit events must be part of the license scheme and hold a SPIN number. For further details see:

What is a Monrad?

A monrad draw is a multi-match draw format whereby all players continue to play, win or lose through to a final finishing position.