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UNSQUASHABLE Regional Team Championships

This year's championships sees the welcome addition of Scotland and sponsors, UNSQUASHABLE. UNSQUASHABLE will provide quality backpacks for the winners and runners-up in each category and a t-shirt for each competitor. UNSQUASHABLE and IProSports will be in attendance at Coventry & North Warwicks on Saturday and at Kenilworth on Sunday.

Overall Standings

The South East are this years overall winners.

Points below:

1st: South East - 39 points

2nd: South - 36.6 points

3rd: East - 36.5 points

4th: Scotland - 34 points

5th: North West - 32 points

6th: South West - 28.6 points

7th: West Midlands - 27 points

8th: North East - 25.3 points

9th: East Midlands - 16.6 points

View A Section Draw & Schedule

Start Times: A Category
  • Group A: 9am: East, South East A2, North West, West Mids; 11.40am South A2
  • Group B: 10.20am: Scotland, South West, South East A1, South A1; 1pm North East

View B Section Draw & Schedule

Start Times: B Category
  • Group A: 9am: South East, East B1, West Mids B1, South West; 10.40am North East
  • Group B: 10.20am: Scotland, North West, East B2, East Mids; 1pm West Mids B2

View C Section Draw & Schedule

Start Times: C Category
  • Group A: 9am: South, East Mids, Scotland, West Mids; 11.40am South East
  • Group B: 10.20am: North West, East, South West, North East, 1pm East Mids

Venues - Saturday
  • A’s: Warwick University: Sport and Wellness Hub, Cryfield Village, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7EU
  • B’s: Coventry & North Warwicks Squash Club, Binley Road, Coventry, CV3 1HB
  • C’s: David Lloyd Coventry: Abbey Road, Coventry, CV3 4LF
Venues - Sunday
  • Kenilworth Tennis, Squash & Croquet Club, Crackley Lane, Kenilworth, CV8 2JS


The University of Warwick Sports and Wellness Hub

Parking is available in the lakeside car park, free of charge. Should this be full, then free parking is available in car park 10. Parking in the car park next to the Sports and Wellness Hub is paid and has ANPR (unfortunately we do not have the same system in operation as for the Silver, so please do not park in this car park unless you intend to pay for it).

Saturday shouldn't be a problem with parking at Lakeside, but on Sunday it may well be busy, and you'll need to use car park 10. It's a 10 minute walk so please factor this in, although you can drop off next to the hub and you can use the car park at the hub for 15 minutes free of charge. Further info.

Kenilworth Squash Club
There should be enough space in the car park and the overflow around the back of the club. If this is full, you can park on Crackley Lane, but on the opposite side of the road to the club, using the grass verge.

UNSQUASHABLE sponsorship opportunity

UNSQUASHABLE are the title sponsors of this year’s Aspire Regional Team Championships and are inviting all competitors to join its expanding sponsorship team by visiting their website here and submitting a short application.

UNSQUASHABLE is used on the PSA World Tour by a growing number of players including former World No.1 James Willstrop, World No.6 Sarah-Jane Perry, World No.12 Joel Makin, USA No.1 Todd Harrity, English players George Parker, Josh Masters, Patrick Rooney, Charlie Lee, Miles Jenkins & Stuart MacGregor, Spanish international Iker Pajares Bernabeu & Scottish international Rory Stewart.