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Regulations and key updates to 2019/20 season

British Junior Open
At England Squash, we're constantly looking for ways to improve our provision and opportunity across the competition structure. For the forthcoming season we have introduced the following key changes:

Competition Clothing Silver/Gold/Platinum

Players competing in a match must not wear the same coloured top as their opponent. All players are required to bring a minimum of two different coloured tops to all matches they are scheduled to play in. In the event that two players are wearing the same coloured top for a match, the lower seeded player must change into their second top to prevent any clashes. Referees will be applying this rule with immediate effect from 20/02/2020.

Capped Draw Sizes for Silver and Gold competitions

  • All categories will run as full monrad draws.
  • Whereby we receive an odd number of entries below 26 players in a division, the final draw size will be capped at the nearest even entry size. For example if 13 players enter a division, the draw size will be capped at 12 with the additional player being placed on reserve in the event of a withdrawal. The exception to this is draw sizes of 10 and 18, these will be capped at the nearest Monrad size of 8 and 16 with additional players placed on reserve in the event of a withdrawal. Draw sizes of 15 will also be accepted as these guarantee all players 3 matches.

Designated seeding window for Silver and Gold competitions

  • Silver and Gold competitions will now close 4 weeks prior to the competition start date. Upon closure of entries England Squash will publish a list of seeding's to all competition entrants. South West Gold - Millfield Junior Open 2019 will be the only exception to this due to maintenance work on the England Squash website.
  • Entrants will have a short window to contest a seeding position. Any contest must be supported by 3 head to head results against opponents in a higher bracket of the draw within the previous 6 months. Results must be from England Squash sanctioned competitions (Bronze, Silver or Gold).
  • Upon closure of the seeding window, England Squash will consider all contests and will make a decision. All decisions will be final with no further requests considered.

Greater clarity of selection events for England juniors

  • Platinum and gold events fall as mandatory selection events where players must play at the age group they wish to be selected for.
  • Silver events fall as selection events where head-to-head results count towards selection and players may play in age group of choice and most suited to their ability.

Addition of Designated Two Day Bronze Weekends

  • We have designated four weekends within the season solely for two day bronze competitions. These weekends will provide opportunity to players looking to take the next step into Silver competitions a chance to experience a full weekend of squash whilst also providing opportunity for clubs and organisers to showcase their events.

Copper points for County Closed

  • Aiming to support players lower down the pathway and integration of them into the competition structure, along with further supporting county associations.

Bronze points for Regional Closeds

  • Aiming to support players lower down the pathway and integration of them into the competition structure, along with further support of regional forums.

17" tin addition for a few Silver events in the season for Under 17s and Under 19s

  • This is aimed to give players the experience of playing on the lower tin, in preparation for the skills required, should they progress up to the PSA World Tour.


Please see below our regulations across our competitions:

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