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2019 UK-Racketball Series

The final change for 2019 is something that you will notice straight away when you see the tournament calendar.

We have decided to change individual events names to reflect the regional aspect of the competition. The main motivation for this came when players asked us to maintain a more UK wide inclusive spread of tournaments so that all regions had the opportunity to host an event.

For example The Devon and Exeter Racketball Open from 2018 will be renamed the South West of England Racketball Open.

The event structure will be the same in Devon as it has been for the past 7 years but we hope that the new name reflects that this is the biggest Racketball tournament in the South West.

  • E1 – East of England Racketball Open – 2nd March – Broxbourne
  • E2 – North East of England Racketball Open – 13th April – Hallamshire
  • E3 – North West of England Racketball Open – 4th May – Bowdon
  • E4 – Inter Counties – 8th/ 9th June – Nottingham
  • E5 – National Racketball/ Squash57 – 6th/ 7th July – Edgbaston Priory
  • E6 – London Racketball Open – 10th August – Bexley
  • E7 – West Midlands Racketball Open – 7th September – Leamington
  • E8 – South West of England Racketball Open – 28th September – Devon and Exeter
  • E9 – South East of England Racketball Open – 2nd November - Chichester
  • E10 – UK-Racketball Series Finals/ National Doubles – 7th December – Nottingham

Sign up for Series Membership to play in as many of the events above click here for more information

The spirit of the UK-Racketball Series will remain unchanged for 2019. All events are designed for all ages and abilities. Everyone is competitive on court but fun, fair play and sportsmanship are at the heart of what we are trying to build. These days are about bringing people together for an enjoyable day of Racketball action!

For more information on the 2019 UK-Rackeball Series and to book your place follow this link.

UK Racketball Series