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About the Steve Hubbard Trophy

The late Steve Hubbard dedicated a lifetime to squash and leaves a lasting legacy following his sponsorship of the English Junior Championships (EJC) and Under 19 trophy.

Warwickshire County Chairman Nigel Orrett gives an account of Steve's remarkable contribution to the sport:

Steve - 'a dedicated volunteer'

It is impossible to reflect Steve's contribution to Midlands' Squash as everyone you speak to, many of whom have been involved in squash for decades, say the same - "for as long as I can remember!"

He combined working on the committee as Warwickshire League Secretary with running the West Midlands league until its demise a few years ago. Thankless tasks run with commitment and enthusiasm for over 30 years.

As a physics teacher he was keen to embrace new technology and was amongst the first to ensure the Warwickshire leagues were run as efficiently as possible and embraced the new methods when computerised. Steve was also an enthusiastic participant and was involved in not only playing but refereeing at events as a T grade referee.

He was well known at England Squash for his willingness to help on committees and whatever Steve was involved with, he gave his wholehearted support.

Active in his local club King's Heath, his other love was badminton and after he retired, his local allotment society.

His legacy to our sport is immeasurable and it is fitting, through his generous donation to England Squash that he will be remembered, not only locally but as the sponsor of the Steve Hubbard English Junior Closed Under 19 Trophy.