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E2 – North East of England Racketball Open – 13th April – Hallamshire
Squash 57

Hallamshire Racketball Open Introduction

This will be the 5th consecutive year that the HEAD UK-Racketball Series returns to Hallamshire. The events over the past five years have been some of the best in the country with a good number of both national and local entries. It will be important to get your entry in early for The North East of England this year with the Series growing in popularity. The last four events, Devon, Chichester, Nottingham and Broxbourne have all been fully subscribed and it is a very likely that Hallamshire will follow this pattern.

The 2018 Hallamshire Racketball Open was a great success for the local members. Chris Duffy and Josh Park from Hallamshire linked up well to claim the doubles title. Murray Scott from Fulwood narrowly missed out on the Over 40’s eventually taking second place to Series player Ryan Loska. In the Over 60’s Rob Welton came top of a seven-player group that included two players in the England Top 10 but was eventually beaten by Colis Sheik from Edgbaston Priory in the final.

Hallamshire is home to squash legend Nick Matthew. Players taking part in this year’s UK-Racketball event will have the chance to play on the Nick Matthew Championship Court. The club's Racketball section is one of the strongest, if not the strongest in the country, with plenty of group sessions running each week. The club runs a very successful racketball junior section on a Saturday morning, midweek women’s sessions and a very successful summer league. Get ready for potentially another strong local entry in 2019.

Main Tournament Details

What: Hallamshire Racketball Open
When: Saturday 13th April
Where: Hallamshire Tennis and Squash Club
Postcode: S11 8TA
Cost: £13.50 (£7.80 for a high quality, quick dry, sublimated print tournament t-shirt)

More Information: Email Mark Fuller or call Mark on 07846 067505

Event Entry

  • Level: Squash 57

  • Date(s): 13/04/2019 00:00

  • Name: Mark Fuller

  • Email:

  • Phone Number: 07846 067505

  • Entry open: 09/03/2019

  • Entry closed: 09/03/2019

Age Group(s)
  • Male: Open Age (Open age) , Masters (O40, O50, O60) , Doubles (Mixed)

  • Female: Open Age (Open age) , Masters (O40, O50, O60) , Doubles (Mixed)