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Inclusion and diversity

Squash is something which can, and should, be enjoyed by everyone - regardless of race, gender, age, sexual-orientation or disability. Yet there are people and communities who face barriers to participating in squash and we see lower levels of participation amongst some groups.

Birmingham is one of the most diverse cities in England. Bringing communities together and improving health and wellbeing are some of the main goals for Birmingham 2022 -squash is a great way to achieve both of these goals, so clubs and venues across the country can play their part.

Tips to engage a wider audience
  • Link your club/venue up with local community groups such as faith centres, community groups and disability charities.
  • Speak with and involve people from different backgrounds in your decision-making to ensure you have a balanced view.
  • Get involved in campaigns such as Women's Squash Week or LGBT History Month on social media.
  • Ensure images and videos on your web and social media channels show people from a diverse range of backgrounds.
  • Ensure your club follows policies to help make everyone feel invited and involved.
  • Share your story, experiences and ideas, and get involved in our working group. Click here to submit your experiences which will help our understanding of diversity and inclusion within our sport.

Rally Together

Rally Together is a great way to show your support to inclusion - sign the Rally Together pledge now and take action to create an inclusive environment where females can thrive.


Join Inclusive Employers for an online training session where you can find out more about inclusion and how to use to the opportunity of the Commonwealth games to reach new and more diverse audiences..

Date: Wednesday 20th July at 6:30pm

Sign up link coming soon but save the date for now!