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Membership FAQs

Find all the answers to your questions with our membership FAQs below:

What if I forget my username or password?

Please use the 'forgot password' option on the login screen.

If I was a member years ago, do I need to create a new account?

No, use the recover account option to try and find your old account. If you can't find it then contact us on

Can I manage my children under the same account?

All accounts for Under 16s will now need to be managed by a parent or carer for safety reasons. To do this the parent or carer needs to register and register their children under the same account.

How can I affiliate my club, team, university or leisure centre?

What is my England Squash ID?

Find this in the 'my account' section of the website by logging in via the login screen.

How can I add or remove members from our club?

This can be done on the club dashboard. If you require access to this, please contact us on or ask the current administrator of your club to give you access.