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arrow pointing leftBack 21 April 21 - by England Squash

ASB showcases their amazing ASB GameCourt with ASB MultiSports flooring

England Squash approved contractors ASB Squash presents their ASB GameCourt with ASB MultiSport Flooring, which provides multi-functionality without compromise.

This technological court combination allows a venue for to provide Squash, Doubles Squash, Badminton, Pickelball, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer many other sports and public functions without confusing lines on the floor or having to worry about dark soles or dirty shoes.

Three squash courts in a row with two automatic ASB Movable SideWalls formulate the ASB GameCourt will offer the ideal multi-functional arena.

With a push of a button the area can be converted and used for a multitude of games and sports. This is the ideal solution for professional training centres, hotels and multi-sports clubs.

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