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arrow pointing leftBack 14 July 20 - by Donna Helmer

Back to Squash: full guidance released

England Squash has released full guidance and resources for squash clubs, venues and coaches to facilitate safe play ahead of courts being allowed to reopen in England from 25 July.

Clubs, venues and coaches are encouraged to download and use the most up-to-date version of the guidance rather than the draft version released on 3 July. We expect that there will be further amendments and updates to our guidance in the weeks ahead and advise that you check back regularly to ensure you are viewing the latest version. Significant updates will be communicated by email and social media.

Safeguarding the community
We all have a duty of care to create the safest possible environment for players and the squash workforce. We must be prepared for a challenging period of change, where the game may not be played in full, stringent health and safety policies will be introduced, and new habits must be formed as we each play our part in keeping the whole community safe.

In order to reopen, clubs and venues are obliged to ensure that they have completed a comprehensive COVID-19 risk assessment and developed a robust and practical ‘COVID-19 Secure Plan’ – guidance for both are provided. Each club/venue has its own unique layout and set of circumstances, so plans must be tailored to suit specific needs. It is each club/venue’s responsibility to make an assessment, based on their individual circumstances, as to whether they can facilitate safe play and reopen.

If your club shares or rents its courts from a separate provider (e.g. if you are based at a leisure centre), then you should work with the owner or operator of the courts to establish a safe return to play. As they may have different protocols to those we have outlined, you must follow their guidelines at all times.

Ways to play
Given the proximity of players on court, squash faces a number of challenges in meeting the current guidance on social distancing. As social distancing cannot be guaranteed, the normal game of squash should not be played by players from different households (except those from a support bubble). Included in our guidance is a clear set of recommendations for ways to play which provide options for getting players safely back on court whilst maintaining social distancing. This content is subject to change as the situation evolves.

The full guidance includes:
• Top five tips for clubs and venues
• Creating a club/venue COVID-19 Secure Plan
• Guidance for conducting a COVID-19 risk assessment and template risk assessment
• Poster kit
• Ways to play
• Delivering COVID-19 Secure Squash (for coaches)
• Where to find additional support and resources

View full guidance and resources

If you have any questions regarding our guidance, get in touch.