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arrow pointing leftBack 09 August 18 - by England Squash

David Lloyd court closures: Statement from England Squash CEO Keir Worth

In light of the David Lloyd court closures, England Squash CEO Keir Worth has released the following statement:

England Squash is aware of the conversion of a number of David Lloyd squash courts into ‘Blaze’ studios. Two courts at Gidea Park, Essex, are the latest courts to be affected which is particularly disappointing given the fantastic work by the club to triple its members from 70 to over 200 active players. We are seeking reassurances with regards to any further court closures, and our offer of support to develop squash across all David Lloyd sites remains. Only last year, we ran a Squash 57 programme in partnership with David Lloyd across more than 20 sites, which saw more members trying the sport for the first time. Partnerships such as these are crucial to growing the sport. Squash offers something unique and we will support local squash playing communities in any way we can.