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arrow pointing leftBack 07 September 17 - by Donna Helmer

Join our network of volunteer writers

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Calling all writers! Are you passionate about squash? Do you have an eye for a great story?

We’re looking to assemble a network of volunteer writers to produce stories, reports and social media posts on squash. We want to spread the word on all the fantastic work our clubs, coaches and players are doing up and down the country, but we can’t do it alone.

Writing may be your hobby or your profession, and you may be a student, a graduate or retired; it really doesn’t matter. We're looking for people who can spot a good story, have a real flair for writing and write in a fun, engaging and conversational style.

Whilst we can’t offer any financial reward, we can offer a by-line and some visibility for those of you looking to build up a portfolio, plus a reference and the opportunity to profile squash in England.

If you want to be part of our writers network, drop us an email: