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arrow pointing leftBack 14 August 19 - by Lee Drew

Raise your Game: Find the Space

Take your game to the next level with National Junior Coach Lee Drew as he shares tactics for making the court big.

Squash is such a gladiatorial sport played in such a confined space and because some players you come up against cover the court so well, you need to consider how you can make the court even bigger for your opponent.

Making the court big can be achieved in several ways. If you consider the England Squash Pillars, think about hitting the ball into open spaces as this ensures that you are hitting the ball away from your opponent and making them move.

Quite often, the problem comes when you play a fit opponent who seems to cover the court with consummate ease and effortless grace, how can you break them down?

Well, you need to be able to hit a good length and you need to have an effective short shot, with the way you hit your target being crucial. Having these two options and performing them well will allow you to move the opponent to the front and back of the court - the longest and most difficult space to cover on the squash court. Let’s look at two shots that will give you these options.

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