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arrow pointing leftBack 03 February 21 - by England Squash

UK specialist Court Care provides insight into their services as an approved contractor of England Squash

England Squash Approved Court Maintenance & Renovation Contractor Court Care is a UK specialist for squash court renovations, court remodelling and new court-builds.

One of the services they provide is the conversion of solid-back squash court walls into glass-backs. This can be combined to great effect with the replacement of old balcony handrails with toughened glass balustrades.

Both options massively increase spectating and coaching facilities and enhance club match atmosphere by facilitating increased spectator numbers.

Glass-back walls can also open up club layout and improve basic functions like checking for court occupancy, monitoring activity (reducing reckless or dangerous behaviour).

Court Care also specialise in replacing solid doors with glass ones and have carried out on dozens of squash courts.

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