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Objective: Provide leadership for the game

Provide leadership for the game nationally and internationally, including addressing the Climate and Ecological Crisis.

A coach instructing two squash players

How we will achieve this objective:

1. Carbon-Neutral Status

Be a carbon-neutral organisation and embed carbon awareness across our activities and ways of working.

2. Challenge & Lead on Climate Issues

Challenge the domestic and international sports community to reduce its environmental impact and to respond proactively to the Climate and Ecological Crisis.

3. The Highest Standards of Governance

Demonstrate the highest standards of governance and management in all that we do and challenge our partners to do the same.

4. Protect the Integrity of the Game

Establish and enforce standards that protect and the way in which it is played.

5. Maintain Safe Environments

Maintain an environment in which those who engage with the game of squash are able to do so safely, with a particular focus on safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults.

6. Develop Strong Partnerships

Develop strong partnerships with County Associations, clubs and other organisations that allow us to leverage the full power of the squash community in the achievement of our shared ambition for the game. the integrity of the game and the way in which it is played.

7. Champion England as a Squash Nation

Champion English squash, promote England as a venue for international tournaments and be a visible advocate for County Associations, clubs, coaches, referees and players.

8. Collaborate for Positive Change

Collaborate with national and international squash bodies and federations and use our influence in the international squash community to advocate for positive change and to further the interests of the game.