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Apply for a £250 club grant to start up new activities after your World Squash Day events

World Squash Day is a great way to attract new people to your club, but to keep them coming back there needs to be something on offer for them that meets their needs. We're offering World Squash Day delivery partners the opportunity to apply for a £250 grant to kick start a new Squash 101 or Squash Girls Can session to follow on from your World Squash Day activities.

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About the participation programmes

Squash 101 is an alternative way to play squash and keep fit in a group setting; it's fun, informal and social. The sessions can be delivered by coaches or Squash 101 leaders and should be set up as an ongoing class. Squash 101 sessions are for participants aged 16 or over.

Squash Girls Can Squash Girls Can is our female-focused campaign which aims to change the perception of squash and get more women and girls to step on court. With only 13% of weekly adult squash players being female, it's a major priority to see more adult females trying squash and playing more often. Clubs and venues can deliver female-only Squash Girls Can sessions however they like, so long as they are beginner-friendly, social and fun.

England Squash can provide all the content and resources needed to help you get Squash 101 and Squash Girls Can started - including session ideas, posters, images and videos.

About the grant

  • The grant is available to England Squash affiliated clubs only who are registered World Squash Day delivery partners.
  • The grant is available for the delivery of Squash 101, or a Squash Girls Can. These participation programmes must be aimed at those over the age of 16.
  • The programmes must start after World Squash Day and for the application to be successful clubs must have recorded a minimum of 20 people at their World Squash Day activities on the England Squash app.
  • There is a limited number of grants available so make your application as compelling as possible (we expect to receive a high volume).
  • An initial payment of £150 will be made upon the programme starting at your club from Monday 14th October. The remaining £100 will paid once new 20 unique participants have been recorded at the sessions on the England Squash app ( this must be before 31st March 2020).

Read full terms and conditions.

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