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Calling the Shots

Express your interest now in our markers awareness workshop

Girl marking a match
Could your players benefit from understanding how to officiate within the current rules? Whatever their age or ability, boost their confidence in the refereeing hot seat with Calling the Shots, our new markers awareness workshop delivered at your venue.

The refereeing environment can be challenging at times. This two-hour face-to-face workshop aims to empower beginners, more experienced players, parents and anyone involved in marking a competitive match with the know-how to mark withe confidence, make effective decisions and give concise explanations when challenged.

Why players should attend

  • Gain fresh perspectives and practical advice to elevate refereeing knowledge and enhance their own game.
  • Develop strategies and tactics to minimise and confidently resolve decisions without interference and influence.
  • Understand when to impose the code of conduct (e.g. warning or stroke) and how to deal effectively with unacceptable conduct.
  • Get the lowdown on the correct terminology and standard match announcements.
  • Enhance players’ and your own club’s reputation for upholding marking best practice.
  • Get inspired and discover how to become a referee.
A man marking a squash match

About the workshop

This two-hour practical workshop delivered by England Squash tutors aims to bring together all players of any age and ability, parents and volunteers for an informal, social, practical and collaborative session at your own venue or a venue near you.

At just a single fee of £150* for England Squash affiliated clubs and £215 for non-affiliated clubs, this workshop provides a cost-effective and quick solution to boost your players’ officiating knowledge. (*Approximately £10 per person with an average of 15 participants).

Our qualified and trained referee tutors have years of experience on the squash circuit and are fully up to speed on the latest World Squash Officiating rules and practices.

Get started

To express your interest in delivering or joining a workshop near you, please complete the following booking form and we'll be in touch to arrange a workshop:

Express your interest

For more information on the workshop, email: If you’re a player keen to attend a workshop, why not encourage your club/venue to deliver one?

A girl marking a match