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Ways to play

There are many ways to play squash and we've a range of programmes whether you’re a beginner, returning to the game or want a change of pace:

Squash 101

Whether you’re new to squash or returning to the game, Squash 101 is a great intro to the sport. Fun, social and inclusive, it involves up to six players on court at once with games that will challenge both the body and mind.

Squash Girls Can

Squash offers a great mind and body workout – and we’re making sure women and girls don’t miss out with Squash Girls Can! Find a session near you and grasp the basics with like-minded women.

Mixed Ability Squash

Bringing people together with different abilities to have fun rallies and a good time. Played with either squash or squash 57, the sessions can be adapted to best suit you.

Squash 57

If you relish long rallies, a great cardio workout but a slower pace, Squash 57 is the game for you. Played with a slightly larger racket and a bigger, bouncier ball, Squash 57 is brilliant fun and ideal for beginners.

Squash Stars

Stars Stars is our new junior programme to introduce kids aged 5 to 9 to squash. Children will be taught fundamental skills to play squash, and develop hand-eye coordination, racket work, movement and match play through action-packed fun games and drills delivered by specially trained leaders. Find your nearest Squash Stars session.

Find a court

With more than 4,000 courts across the country, there are plenty of places to play squash. You'll find many leisure centres and clubs offering pay and play opportunities where you can simply book a court, hire the equipment, and get on court with friends or as a family. Find your nearest court.

Find a club

There are many squash clubs across the country that offer something for people of all ages and abilities. Squash clubs have a real community feel with many clubs organising social events and fun competitions as well as holding coaching sessions and having teams that compete in leagues. Find your nearest club.