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Two Boys Shaking Hands After A Squash Match

View our calendar across all England Squash sanctioned competitions from juniors to seniors (dates and competitions may be subject to change):

View 2023-2024 calendar

View 2024-2025 calendar

Silver, Gold, and Platinum venues for 23/24 season

Silver 115-17 Sept 23Buckinghamshire
BJC26-29 Oct 23Sheffield
Silver 217-19 Nov 23Chichester
Gold 1

8-10 Dec 23

BJO3-7 Jan 24Birmingham
Silver 326-28 Jan 24Manchester (North) / Sussex (South)
EJC9-11 Feb 24Middlesex (North London)
Gold 28-10 March 24Warwickshire
Silver 419-21 April 24Newcastle (North) / Ipswich (South)
Silver 517-19 May 24Macclesfield (North) / Hampshire (South)
Silver 621-23 June 24


Silver, Gold, and Platinum venues for 24/25 season
Silver 114-15 September 2024
Silver 212-13 October 2024
British Junior Championships31 October-3 November 2024Sheffield
Gold 17-8 December 2024
British Junior Open2-6 January 2025Birmingham
Silver 325-26 January 2025
English Junior Championships7-9 February 2025
Gold 28-9 March 2025
Silver 45-6 April 2025
Silver 517-18 May 2025
Gold 321-22 June 2025


To view the England Squash Masters calendar, visit their website:

View England Squash Masters events