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Policies and reports

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Articles of Association

Code of Conduct

Complaints Procedure

England Squash operates one code of conduct that outlines the standards of conduct expected, at all times, from all individuals in any role within squash. England Squash is responsible for setting the standards and values that apply at every level.

This code encapsulates all of the sporting, moral and ethical principles that squash represents. We believe squash is a sport for all, that anyone can enjoy however they choose to participate and take any allegation of a breach of the England Squash Code of Conduct very seriously. We encourage all members, coaches, spectators, parents, guardians, family members or fans to cheer positively, let the players play, and allow referees, event officials and staff to perform their duties without interference.

If you believe you have witnessed a breach in the code of conduct please email to formally register a compliant.

Any breach of the England Squash Code of Conduct will be dealt with under England Squash disciplinary regulations. The Disciplinary Regulations Flowchart helps to show the process by which we administer complaints.

Data Protection Guidance

Comprehensive guidance on data protection for clubs and county associations, including a downloadable guide (PDF). This page includes details and copies of the data processing/sharing conditions which counties and clubs must agree to in order to process data.

You can also access our Privacy Policy, which governs the terms and uses of the user/member data we hold and details of how this is shared.

Environment & Sustainability

England Squash acknowledge there is a climate emergency and are committed to reducing our impact on the environment by changing how we work and encouraging others to consider what they can do too.

As part of this commitment England Squash have chosen to offset our carbon emissions, making us the first carbon neutral Sports Governing Body in England. While we are extremely proud of this, we are seeking to do more and will take the following steps to reduce our carbon footprint and use of single use plastics in the future.

  • Conduct an annual independent assessment of our CO2 footprint
  • Aim to reduce our CO2 footprint by 10% over the next year
  • We will seek to reduce car travel by using public transport where possible and increasing our use of virtual technologies such as video conferencing
  • We will reduce waste and single use plastics at England Squash meetings, events and competitions
  • For the 2020-21 season we will be encouraging tournament and event organisers to tell us what steps they are taking to reduce the environmental impact of their event
  • We will share what we’re doing with partners and encourage them to do what they can too
  • We will share information with clubs on how they can reduce their impact on the environment e.g. through LED lighting, ground source heat pumps, improving insulation, etc
  • We are working with the PSA Foundation to support their Rebound initiative which collects and distributes old usable squash gear to help grassroots programmes across the world

Read our Environmental Statement

We would like to encourage clubs and other organisations that we work with to consider what changes they could make to reduce their environmental impact too. Some of the ideas clubs could consider include:

  • Switching to LED court lighting
  • Installing motion sensor light switches or linking lighting to court booking systems. Motion sensor switches can also be installed throughout the building e.g. changing rooms
  • Improving insulation
  • Changing to an environmentally friendly energy provider
  • Changing to environmentally friendly methods of heating and electricity such as ground source heat pumps or solar panels
  • Improving recycling processes at the club (e.g. through local authority recycling initiatives and organisations such as Terracycle)
  • Encouraging members to use public transport or cycling to your facility
  • Sourcing food and beverages from local suppliers

Over the coming period we will share what we’re doing with the hope of informing and inspiring the sport to become more environmentally sustainable. We’d love to hear your ideas and stories about what you’re doing to.

Equality Policy

Governing Body Endorsement Requirements 2023/24

Privacy Policy

View the England Squash Privacy Policy, which governs the terms and uses of the user/member data we hold and details of how this is shared.

The Terms of Use for are also available to view.

Terms and Conditions of Membership and Affiliation

View the Terms and Conditions of Membership (for individual members) and Terms and Conditions of Affiliation (for clubs)

Transgender Guidance

View our guidance on Transgender participation in squash. This document has been created from the UK Sport guidance documentation on transsexual people and competitive sport.