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Taking squash outdoors - get started

Exclusive opportunities and discounts for clubs and venues.

As a sport with lower awareness levels, taking squash directly into your local community to attract new audiences can help maximise visibility.

Rebound walls and portable courts provide the perfect introduction to the sport and a great hook to entice audiences to your club/venue.

Interested in learning more? Explore two ways you can get your hands on portable courts:

Rebound walls

We’ve partnered with Rally Ball to offer clubs, venues, coaches and community groups rebound walls at a special rate (saving you up to 37% off the RRP of £240). These lightweight, portable walls are quick and easy to set up and can be used in a variety of settings from schools to community events.


  • Setup in less than five minutes
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Robust
  • Perfect for multi-person or solo use
  • Eases congested court areas


1.83m (6ft) x 3.65m (12ft) x 1.83m (6ft) (H x W x D)

Cost (RRP £240)

  • £150 for affiliated clubs, and coaches club members (includes delivery and VAT)
  • £175 for unaffiliated (includes delivery and VAT)

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Mini perspex courts

Mini perspex courts are perfect for larger scale public events and take just 90 minutes to assemble. Shropshire Squash hired a perspex court and displayed it in a local shopping centre. Hundreds of people picked up a racket and tried their hand at squash, which resulted in 35 new people visiting the club.

To hire one of these courts, complete the booking form or buy one directly from Melior.

Further outdoor court innovations

We’ve collaborated with Play Innovation to develop a series of game changing outdoor squash courts. The first Play Innovation outdoor squash court was built in Birmingham in 2022 and offers an accessible facility for school pupils to play squash.

Five more outdoor courts will be built in the coming months across Birmingham following further funding from Sport England. Watch this space!

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