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What does your membership fund?

Your membership is vital in ensuring that we can continue to help and support your squash journey and also positively contribute to the growth of the sport.

We strive for excellence. We want to continue producing champions and cement England’s position as the number one squash playing nation in the world.

Here’s what your membership helps us to do.

Offer competitions

We provide events and competitions for all ages and abilities from recreational squash through to creating the opportunities for future champions.

Support facilities

We support over 1,000 facilities. From leisure centres to local clubs and schools we offer assistance, coaching and expertise to ensure the success and stability of the sport.

Get more people on court

It is our mission to get more people on court. We work with leisure centres, schools, clubs and organisations to help build programmes to encourage people onto court.

Inspired? Join the squash community and help us make squash England's favourite racket sport!

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