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Coach with young child

Safeguarding and protecting children course

The safeguarding and protecting children course is mandatory for all people working in an environment where there's children. The course is a mandatory requirement for those wishing to become a Level 1 coach. You must have an up-to-date certificate in order to complete your Level 2, 3 or 4 course, and to be a fully valid England Squash Coaches Club member. Certificates must be renewed every three years.

The course gives you the knowledge to:

  • recognise possible signs of child abuse
  • take appropriate action if concerns about a child arise.

from 1st September 2019 all candidates will be required to attend a minimum three-hour Safeguarding & Protecting Children Workshop or equivalent in person. Online courses or distance learning safeguarding qualifications will not be acceptable.

How to book

log on to or click here for further information and to find your nearest workshop.