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Two men playing squash

Where to play

Inspired to hit the court? With more than 4,200 courts across England in a variety of facilities, find out which one is ideal for you:

Leisure centres

If you're new to squash and Squash 57 or want to play recreationally, you'll only pay each time you book a court at a leisure centre. It costs under £10 to hire a court for 40 mins on average.


With more than 700 registered clubs in England, these are a great option if you want to find other players to compete against. Clubs are great for those looking to meet new people, get some coaching, or take part in local and regional leagues. Most clubs boast other sports facilities including cafes/bars on site too, offering a welcome chance to socialise after a game. The cost of membership can be as little as £10 per month.


Squash can be delivered in any setting at any time of the year! What's more, our new junior squash programme, Junior 101 enables you to engage and develop pupils as young as five whatever their ability. Find out about more about Junior 101 and the opportunities available for squash in schools here.

Universities and colleges

There are some great squash facilities in universities and colleges which are often made open to the public. Locate your nearest here. If you're a university or college looking to boost members, find out how our participation programme, Squash 101 could help.

Get started

Ready for action? Locate your nearest squash court with our court finder.

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