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The England Squash web app

The England Squash app is available for coaches and leaders who deliver England Squash participation programmes including Squash 101, Squash Girls Can, Squash 57 and Junior 101 and has all the content needed to support the delivery of these programmes. The app is free, easy to use and compatible on any device so you can use it on your desktop, tablet or your phone.

To log in to the app, simply open the web link in your website browser and log in using your England Squash website login details. When you first log on you'll be asked to agree to the data processing conditions. The app should be used like a register at each sessions to keep a record of the people attending.

Log in

App features

NEW: We've just added a new sessions section to the squash finder where you can promote your participation programmes. When you add a session to the England Squash app simply choose the 'show on finder' option and the information will be automatically displayed at We'll then promote this will partners and potential players.

Other app features include;

  • downloadable session plans and session videos
  • resources to help you promote your sessions
  • a function to add sessions and record players
  • a session section of the squash finder to promote your sessions.
  • a leaderboard to see how you fare against other coaches and leaders
  • contests and competitions to win prizes.

Which sessions can I add?

Coaches and leaders can add new or existing players in the following sessions.

  • Squash 101 - any adult (over 16) group, social squash sessions that welcomes players of all levels such as community night, club night or organised beginners sessions.
  • Squash Girls Can - any female - only, beginner friendly, social, group sessions.
  • Squash 57 - any group, social, beginner friendly Squash 57 session such as U3A groups, club night or community sessions.
  • Junior 101 - any beginner friendly, group, social squash sessions.


We regularly run contests and offer giveaways linked to the app such as:

  • monthly contests where you can win event tickets, vouchers or kit
  • programme specific contests and challenges
  • spot prizes.

Look out for details of these incentives which will be communicated by email, newsletter and social media.

There are currently no giveaways on offer.

Why the app's important

The app is crucial to recording participant data for England Squash participation programmes, Squash 101, Squash Girls Can, Squash 57 and Junior 101. This data will allow us to develop a more detailed understanding of squash participation across the country enabling us to:

  • track progress towards participation targets
  • secure future funding and sponsorship for squash participation programmes
  • continue to improve the support we offer beyond these programmes
  • celebrate the achievements of coaches and leaders in driving squash participation.

Coaches and leaders delivering these participation programmes are all contributing towards supporting more people to get on court more often.

How-to guides

Download the handy how-to guide or watch the series of videos below to find out about the app's features and how to use them.