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arrow pointing leftBack 14 April 21 - by England Squash

Courtcare contracted to build two new ASB Squash Courts at the Univeristy of Portsmouth as part of a £53M new sports facility

England Squash new-build approved contractors CourtCare are building two new ASB squash courts for the University of Portsmouth at the Ravelin Sports Centre, as part of a £53M project.

The courts have an electrically-operated, laser-guided movable side wall for single and doubles squash, and alternative space usage. ASB are the only company in the world who make an electrically-operated movable wall.

ASB squash courts are the preferred choice for universities and CourtCare have installed over 30 new courts at UK universities in the past few years, including six at the University of Birmingham, next year’s main squash venue for the Commonwealth Games.”

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