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Climate Change: Guidance and support

Advice on how Clubs and County Associations can become more eco-friendly

Step it Up for National Recycle Week

National Recycle Week 2023 takes place from 17-23 October, and this year’s theme is 'Let's Get Real'. We've put together some ways your county/club can recycle more of the right things, more often and join the fight against climate change.

Set up recycling stations

  • Make it easier for your members and players to recycle with well-positioned and labelled recycling bins across your facility.
  • Create a centralised waste and recycling station with clear signage next to each other. Remove workforce’s individual bins and signpost them to the centralised waste and recycling station so they have to sort their own waste and become more aware of what they’re throwing out.

Limit the use of single-use plastics

  • Reward members who bring a re-useable cup or bottle with a small discount on drinks purchased at your club.
  • Remove or limit the use of plastic cups from water fountains - encourage everyone to bring a reusable bottle.
  • Replace plastic cutlery and plates used for events with reusable or compostable cutlery, plates and cups.

These actions could be introduced gradually leading to a ban on single use plastics in future

Run a second-hand kit pop-up shop

  • Introduce a second-hand pop-up shop at the club. Kids in particular outgrow shoes and clothes very quickly so introduce a second-hand equipment and clothing pop-up shop to expand the life of each item and avoid landfill. Players could donate their second-hand clothes/equipment to the shop and the proceeds could help fund a club initiative like a new programme. This is also a great way to engage beginners and new members without the need for them to commit to expensive kit.
  • Rebound recycling programme. Work with the PSA Foundation to have a permanent Rebound bin placed at the club/venue that players can place their old squash equipment and clothing into that can be donated to grassroots initiatives around the world.
  • Kit out the Nation. Local BBC radio stations across the country are running a scheme where old sports and equipment kit can be donated and subsequently offered to schools and clubs to help more young people take part in sport and physical activity. The scheme finishes on 16th October 2021.

Capture and re-use rainwater

Install water butts to capture rainwater and re-use it for watering landscaped areas, plants and hanging baskets.

Go paper-less

  • Take your membership application and billing online.
  • Adopt paperless meetings and events or start by reducing the amount of paper used.

Other ways your club can be more eco-friendly

  • Switching to LED court lighting.
  • Install motion sensor light switches or link lighting to court booking systems. Motion sensor switches can also be installed throughout the building e.g. changing rooms.
  • Improve insulation.
  • Switch to an environmentally friendly energy provider.
  • Change to environmentally-friendly methods of heating and electricity such as ground source heat pumps or solar panels.
  • Improve recycling processes at the club (e.g. through local authority recycling initiatives and organisations such as Terracycle)
  • Encourage members to use public transport or cycle to your facility.
  • Source food and beverages from local suppliers.