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From squash to Squash 57

Squash 57 is a great option for players who might have previously played squash or other racket sports but now find them too physically demanding.

The game presents the perfect alternative for anybody who wants to play a less strenuous form of the sport, or who simply want to stay active.

Former squash player Graham Whitehouse, 67, recently took up Squash 57 as found it easier on his joints.

My coach Bev had been trying to persuade me to give squash a go for years but I wasn’t convinced as felt Squash 57 wouldn’t give me the benefits I enjoyed with squash such as speed and stamina," recalls Graham.

Squash was really beginning to really take its toll on my joints and I began to struggle to play at the level I wanted. I was finally persuaded that perhaps it was time to give Squash 57 a go.

“I admit at first I wasn’t keen. Getting used to the bigger ball and the shorter racket was a challenge! I felt I couldn’t play the shots I was used to playing in squash.

"My coach suggested a different racket and after playing a few times, I soon found my rhythm and my game began to improve. Now I really enjoy it.

For Graham, improving his fitness and stamina was key. Squash 57 has been vital for him in achieving those goals, enabling him to take to the court on a regular basis to keep himself in shape.

“The longer rallies mean I still get a great cardio workout.

The great thing about Squash 57 is you can play with someone of any ability and still have a good game - you can’t do that so easily playing squash.

Squash 57 gives me all that squash gave me with the added bonus that I’m not longer getting injured.

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