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Mission 2022

You're in the hot seat, it's the final of the Commonwealth Games, match point and you have to make the call? Could you do it? Have you got the skills, the composure and the knowledge?

We've recruited and are working with approximately 50 new and existing referees to develop their skills in time for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Our Mission 2022 candidates will be positioned at the forefront of refereeing, fast-tracked to become one of the best in the world. Our current crop of referees are supporting the cohort through a range of mentoring, peer and formal assessments, academy sessions and training days. Each referee has a Personal Development Plan which guides them through the process each year with the ultimate goal of being part of the team that referees at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022

The ‘Class of 2018’ will drive the sport forward and showcase the importance of refereeing. The scheme is open to all referees and we are constantly reviewing those involved, if you would like more information on the scheme please email

If you want to qualify to become a referee please have a look at the current courses available to attend.

Mission 2022 Mentors & Candidates

The following list of Mentors (top row) and candidates have been integrated into the Mission 2022 programme.

John Massarella (National) Roy Gingell (National) Wendy Danzey
(East MIdlands)
Jim Hay & Maureen Maitland
Jim Hay
Peter Hindmarsh
(North East)
Steve Eccles
(North West)
Leon Gelderblom Jason Foster Chris Grimshaw David Massey Gareth Hall Steve Maloney Benjamin Welton
Mike Campbell Steve Eccles Andrea Santamaria Mark Adderley Mark Essex Neil Gridley Phillip Marsh
Peter Hindmarsh Huw Moores Elaine Radcliffe Josh Stokes Julian Holmes
Alistair Livingstone Paul Clarke Jodie Hodgkins Michael Hay James Davidson
Peter Fielding Andy Oldridge Ria Kennerley Steffan Gwyn Richard Prior
Gary Marshall Lucy Townley Josh O'Donovan
Carolyn Lindsay Martin Brown
Andrew Tucker Rosie Hamilton
Brian Gurnett
(West Midlands)
Mike Campbell
Huw Moores
Stan Thornton
Malcolm Whiteley
(South East)
Dean Clayton
(South West)
Carolyn Lindsay Robert Thirst Julian Griffiths Phillip Ashman John Hughes Robert Clarke
Walaa Elnahas Rachel Stevenson Joel Baldwin Simon Tunley Adam Lings
Guido Le Lorrain Neil Rees Stewart Ayton Nick Peel
Chris Powell Matthew Beattie
Phillip Rea Ewan Denney
Martin Van Andrew Sweeney

Further mentors: Mary Scott Miller, Chris Grimshaw, Joss Garvey


Mission 2022 Assessors

The following list of assessors have been trained for Mission 2022.

- John Massarella (All Levels)

- Roy Gingell (All Levels)

- Wendy Danzey (All Levels)

- David Mathie (National)

- Huw Moores (National)

- Mike Campbell (National)

- Malcolm Whiteley (National)

- Peter Hindmarsh (National)

- Steve Eccles (National)

- Chris Grimshaw (Tournament)

- Dean Clayton (National)

These new assessors will be on hand to selected events and will be able to assess any referee up to the level specified.

Meet the candidates

Find out more about why some of our existing candidates got involved in refereeing, their passion for the role and why they think you should get involved in Mission 2022 as well.