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Play squash this International Women's Day

With International Women’s Day just around the corner, there’s no better time to hit the court and give squash a try! There's more than 50 Rally Together events happening across the country for women and girls in March - find your nearest session below.

Rally Together events are beginner-friendly, inclusive, fun and welcoming.

Why try squash?

  • Squash is all about enjoying your time on court, regardless of your age or ability
  • You'll be given some beginner-friendly activities to help you get used to hitting the ball. And if you miss, laugh it off and try again!
  • It's played indoors which means you'll stay dry
  • Squash provides a relaxed setting to make new friends
  • You can rock up solo or bring a friend to the session
  • It's a great activity to relieve stress. There's nothing like hitting a ball against a wall to forget about your worries
  • Most squash sessions are around 40 minutes, making it a quick but fun workout
  • It's a really enjoyable way to exercise, so if the gym or running isn't for you, squash is a great way to move your body
  • We're a super welcoming community and always ready to welcome new players with open arms
Fancy giving it a go? Find your nearest Rally Together session in March and express your interest now: