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Squash 101 Workouts

Train like a pro! Keep in shape with our four new simple workouts delivered by some of England's biggest stars! Complete these squash-specific exercises at any time and anywhere, whether on your own or in a group.

About the series

George Parker's Squash 101 workout

George's thirty minute workout is aimed at improving power and endurance. Working for 45 seconds and resting for 15 this one will get the heart rate up!

Lucy Turmel's Squash 101 workout

Lucy's next workout is all about core stability, vital for efficient movement on-court! There are seven body-weight exercises that you can do from home.

Grace Gear's Squash 101 workout

Grace is back with her next home workout. There are six simple exercises to improve glute and hamstring stability, great for those squash specific lunges!

Tom Walsh's Squash 101 workout

This week Tom Walsh has a 15 minute workout to improve power and strength endurance. Six exercises, three rounds and no equipment required.

Sam Todd's Squash 101 workout

Try Sam's workout to improve leg and core stability! Three rounds, six exercises, working for four minutes then resting for one.

Patrick Rooney's Squash 101 workout

Patrick's back with 10 exercises for a great leg and cardio blast. There are 2 rounds and no equipment required for this workout!

Declan James' Squash 101 workout

Declan James is back with his 24 minute interval circuit. There are five exercises for a great aerobic workout that you can do at home!

Josh Masters' Squash 101 workout

How quickly can you complete Josh's 'on the minute circuit'? There are five exercises to give you a great cardio and leg workout.

Grace Gear's Squash 101 workout

See how many rounds of Grace's workout you can complete inside 20 minutes! There are five exercises for a great leg workout.

Lily Taylor's Squash 101 workout

See how long it takes you to complete Lily's great cardio workout! If you don't have a skipping rope you can try star jumps or jumping on the spot instead.

Lucy Turmel's 30-minute workout

Lucy's back with a 30-minute home workout for you to try! There's no equipment required and even some ghosting in there to keep things squash-specific.

Millie Tomlinson

Millie Tomlinson's 15-minute workout

Get squash-fit with Millie Tomlinson's 15-minute body weight circuit! Short on space? Replace her backward run shuttles with star jumps or running on the spot.

Patrick Rooney's 10-minute workout

Try Patrick's 10 minute circuit, with six exercises to work the legs and core! Short on space? Replace his shuttles with star jumps or running on the spot.

Lucy Turmel

Lucy Turmel's 12-minute workout

Get squash fit with Lucy's 12-minute HIIT circuit combining sprints, squats and burpees! If you are short on space then try replacing the sprints with running on the spot, star jumps or tuck jumps.

Declan James' 15-minute workout

England's Declan James takes us through a 15 minute circuit combining burpees, forward lunges, squat jumps and mountain climbers to work the whole body!