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arrow pointing leftBack 13 April 23 - by Alex James

The celebrated volunteer that keeps the squash world spinning

A dedicated volunteer whose passion for squash helps create unforgettable spectator experiences has been named Volunteer of the Year by England Squash.

Hailing from Birmingham, Alison Insley has spent more than a decade volunteering at major squash events across the country.

Often taking annual leave from her day job as a cycle instructor to showcase squash, Alison now mentors other volunteers to ensure each event is a huge success.

“You become part of people’s journeys and seeing the smiles on the spectators’ faces is just fantastic,” she said.

“I want others to experience that joy; it’s why I love training and managing a group of volunteers at each event.”

Having met her husband and many of her friends through squash, the social buzz that surrounds the sport motivates Alison to volunteer time and time again.

“I love volunteering because I get the chance to meet so many people from across the world.

“I can walk past any of the world’s top 20 squash players and they’ll stop me to say hello and ask how I’m doing. The referees will thank me for doing a good job. They all really appreciate what I do.

“You can’t beat the feeling of being part of a team that helps deliver something special.”

This recognition is a testament to Alison’s unwavering commitment to the sport over the last decade.

“It feels great to be recognised for my hard work with this award. It’s a privilege to be able to volunteer and be courtside at these incredible events.”

And it’s the memories that Alison creates along the way that makes volunteering so rewarding. Not only does she provide incredible experiences for spectators, players, and her team of volunteers, she gets to witness the sport she loves from the best seat in the house.

“Through volunteering, I had the chance to play on a squash court in Grand Central station with Mexico’s top female player once the day’s matches were over,” Alison recalls.

“Some people might choose to go on a hot air balloon, or bungee jumping. But being at the heart of a squash event is an experience I’ll always treasure.”

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