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arrow pointing leftBack 09 November 20 - by Elizabeth Botcherby

Top five squash podcasts to keep you entertained during lockdown

From chats with international stars to tips on how to string your racket, we round up the top five squash podcasts from around the world to ensure you get your squash fix during lockdown.

#5 The Squash Pod

Missing cosy chats in the clubhouse with friends? Then we have the perfect antidote. Hosted by Welsh coach Bevan Duff, wheelchair squash player Jamie McAnsh and his dog Bentley the Beagle, this podcast is both entertaining and informative with guests including Gregory Gaultier, Tesni Evans, WSF referees and The String Doctor. Be prepared for funny stories, quizzes and just a little canine mayhem.

Check out the latest episode Like Father Like Son (21/02/20) with Welsh duo Byron and Matt Lloyd-Lewis.

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#4 Scottish Squash podcast

Hosted by Scotland’s national coach Paul Bell and featuring players and coaches from the national set-up, this podcast is your one-stop shop for squash north of the border. A light-hearted listen that also touches on the deeper issues in the game including a fascinating episode on the mental side of squash.

In the latest instalment Stay at Home (05/05/20), Bell is joined by Scottish Squash Psychologist Jeffrey Webster who shares tips and insight on developing your mindset.

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#3 Outside the Glass

Hosted by Jim Zug, the executive editor of Squash Magazine, Outside the Glass is an American podcast featuring interviews with international stars, with the likes of Nicol David and Daryl Selby, and other personalities from around the world of squash… and with 59 episodes and counting, it’s perfect for lockdown life.

In the latest episode, broadcast during last week's Qatar Classic, Jim chats to national coach of Qatar, Ong Beng Hee who had a storied playing career that started with a huge leap of faith: not yet sixteen, he turned pro and moved from Malaysia to England.

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#2 Finding balance

English professional squash player Tom Ford trades his racket for a microphone as he tackles the myth of ‘success’. Aided by squash stars past and present, including Camille Serme and Peter Marshall, Ford discusses their respective journeys to the top with the aim of illuminating the different pathways to success.

World no.1 Mohamed El Shorbagy shares his story in the most recent episode.

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#1 The In Squash podcast

Presented by squash enthusiast, Gerry Gibson, In Squash is a Canadian podcast where Gerry chats to everyone - from world-class squash players and coaches to referees and squash enthusiasts. Recent interviewees include former World no.3 Alison Waters and Scottish players Greg Lobban and Alan Clyne.

169 episodes have aired to date with some of the latest instalments featuring James Willstrop and Karim Abdel Gawad.

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