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National junior rankings

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We aim to release the monthly rankings at the beginning of the month. These will take into account results up until the 15th of the previous month.

Ranking queries

If you have a query about the current rankings, please click the above 'Ranking Queries' button, to submit your issues, where it will be dealt with by our team. Note: Any issues raised and/or alterations required, will be updated in the following months update.

Did you know that we run a junior ranking system?

Find out where you stack up against your friends in your age group, in your county and across the country!

You can check out how you’re improving at the beginning of every month.

    • Ranking lists are produced for Under 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19.
    • The rankings are calculated from tournament results on a rolling 12-month period.
    • A player’s best seven results from the previous 12 months are used to calculate their ranking.
    • All players participating in sanctioned events are eligible to appear on the rankings.

Can't find your name? If you'd like to be entered onto the rankings system please complete this form AFTER you have played in at least one tournament.

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If you'd like to find out more about how the rankings work, please read below.

Find out about the changes and enhancements to the junior competition pathway for the 2017/18 season.


The junior national ranking system is based on a player’s finishing position in tournaments.

The rankings are calculated from tournament results on a rolling 12-month period. Hence points are removed from a players total one year after the event.

Rankings are updated at the start of each month. All results obtained by the 15th of the previous month will count towards the next month’s rankings.

A player’s best seven results (for Under 19 rankings it is a player’s best six results) from the previous 12-months are used to calculate their ranking. Over a 12 month period a player needs to play at least seven tournaments to maximise their ranking.

A player can only use two results from a lower and/or higher age group in the calculation of their ranking. For example, an Under 15 ranking can include two Under 13 and two Under 17 results but no Under 19 results.

Inter county

The ranking system has now been developed so that inter county results can be included (for Stage 1 and 2 only). These are entered as ‘head to head’ results with the winner receiving bronze level points equivalent to one round. Inter county points only count for the age group played.

For example, if an Under 13 player competes in inter county at both Under 13 and Under 15, only the Under 13 results will count towards their Under 13 ranking and only the Under 15 results will be included in their Under 15 ranking. These points are in addition to a player’s ‘best seven’ results.


Ranking lists are produced for Under 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19. A player can appear in more than one age group ranking but they must play in one event in a particular age group before they are eligible to appear.

All junior England Squash members who are active sanctioned event players are eligible to appear on the rankings provided they are eligible to represent England. Players are able to access their ranking position via the rankings website.

A player moving into a new age group retains the points obtained in the lower age group. However, they must compete in one event in the new age group before they appear in the new age group. These events can have been played whilst still in the lower age group.

For platinum and gold events players must player in their true age group. The only exception to this is where permission is given by the England Squash Performance Team – and this will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Players must also play in their true age group, any player who plays up will only be given ranking points for their true age group.

Players can only play one age category per sanctioned event.

Players withdrawing from events without a valid reason will be awarded points for a round one loss and the event will count towards the player’s best seven events.

It remains mandatory for all juniors wishing to be nationally ranked to participate in their County Closed and the Inter County Championships (in their true age group) if asked by their county. Players who refuse to comply may be removed from the national rankings.

Tournament weighting

Tournaments are weighted with results in the major events gaining more points. Events fall into the following weighted categories (Please note that this is subject to change):

  • Platinum Event - World Under 19 Championships, European Under 19 Championships, British Junior Open
  • Gold Events - British Junior Championships, English Junior Championships
  • Silver Events - a higher weighted level of sanctioned event
  • Regional Events - Regional Closed
  • Bronze Events - sanctioned events / County Closed

The following table shows the number of points per round for each age group and weight category:

Category Platinum Gold Silver Regional Bronze
Under 11 / 3 / 2 1
Under 13 7 6 4 3 2
Under 15 14 12 8 6 4
Under 17 28 24 16 12 8
Under 19 56 48 32 24 16

Please note: these points took effect from the September 2013 rankings update.


The use of seven events is a result of our close work with some of the leading experts in junior athlete development. Whilst players are welcome to play in as many events as they wish, the limitation to seven events will enable juniors to plan their schedule properly and select events for both ranking and training purposes.

Silver events carry more points and are designed to attract higher ranked players. Draw sizes will be limited in these events and acceptance will be based on England Squash ranking. Foreign European Squash Federation Super Series events will no longer be classed as ranking tournaments.

System development

System amendments and developments will be introduced as necessary.

Ranking queries

Ranking queries MUST be put in writing – they will NOT be discussed over the phone. Please submit your ranking query via this form: Enquiry Form for Squash Rankings.

All ranking queries will be dealt with, but please note that there may be a delay in responding as queries are looked at in batches – usually once a week. Corrections will be made for the next month's rankings.

Player safeguarding code of conduct

England Squash is firmly committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all young people to play squash. An important aspect is the Players Safeguarding Code of Conduct which applies to all individuals who participate in squash as a player (under the age of 18) at every level.

Click here for full Safeguarding detail.