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National Junior Rankings

Find out where you stack up against your friends in your age group, in your county and across the country!

  • The National Junior Rankings were frozen in April 2020 due to COVID19. The next update will take place in September 2021.
  • Ranking lists are produced for Boys and Girls Under 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 categories. Our newly formed Mixed Under 9 category will start in September 2021.
  • The rankings are calculated from tournament results on a rolling 12-month period. Due to COVID19 we will be extending this period to a 22-month period from September 2021. We will share further details of this soon.
  • A player’s best seven results from the previous 12 months (extended to 22-months from September 2021) are used to calculate their ranking.

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Latest News

Return of the England Squash National Junior Rankings

The National Junior Rankings were frozen on the 8 April 2020, and since that time no updates have been made an no sanction competitions have taken place.

Whilst competitions have been suspended, several players have aged up from their April 2020 division and the 12-month cycle of counted results has passed without competitions taking place. Updating the rankings during the inactive period would have resulted in a significant number of players dropping off the rankings. We therefore took the decision to keep the overall rankings list frozen until the resumption of sanctioned competitions to maintain fairness to all players.

The current UK Government and England Squash Back to Squash guidelines now allow junior sanctioned competitions to resume. Competitions taking place between June to the end of August will be eligible for ranking points however the National Junior Rankings Table will not be updated until September. This will allow us time to test changes made to the system to account for the inactive months. The first update will include all points accumulated at competitions between 21 June and the end of August.

At this point there have been 14 inactive months of competitions, more than the allocated 12-month cycle for rankings. We are therefore in the process of updating our rankings policy to reflect the following changes.

  • The 12-month cycle of competition results will be extended in the first update of September 2021 to a 22-month cycle of competitions results. The first update will therefore include all competition results between November 2019 to September 2021. This provides 8 months’ worth of active results.
  • The 22-month cycle of results will remain in place until we reach the February 2022 update. All backdated results at this point will no longer be counted as we will have reached the first inactive month of April 2020. By this time, we will have built up 8 months’ worth of active results between June 2021 to February 2022.
  • The cycle will then increase with each monthly update until we build back a full 12-month cycle of competition results.
  • Players who have aged up during the inactive months will automatically be moved up to their new age category in the first update, carrying up 4 of their best results at half the value from their previous age category.
  • From September, we plan to update the rankings on a biweekly basis. Further details for the cut off dates will be communicated soon.
  • A mixed under 9’s ranking category will start in September. Ranking points and results from the mixed U9 division will not be carried up to the ages above.

How the rankings system works

National junior rankings are produced at the beginning of the month and include results from the preceding 12 months, up to and including tournaments concluding on the 15th of the previous month. Rankings points are assigned according to the junior rankings points tables.

Looking for more information? You can find a comprehensive guide to the junior ranking system on our support site explaining all the ins and outs, or you can have a look at the full junior rankings policy.

Get added to the rankings

Can't find your name? If you'd like to be entered onto the rankings system, you will need to declare your eligibility and opt-in via the Event Information panel of your account profile (or Child Accounts page of parent profiles for players whose accounts are managed by a parent).

For players already ranked, there's no need to submit recent results; these will be added automatically when they fall into the eligibility period (up to the 15th of each month).

Rankings queries

If you have a query about the current rankings, click here to submit your issue, and it will be dealt with by our team. Please note: any issues raised and/or alterations required will be updated in the following months update. Please note, that for tournaments played after the 27th of the month, results will not be added to the rankings until the following month - please see ranking policy for further details.

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