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Young squash player
Entries are now open for any tournament organisers wishing to host a junior sanctioned event during the 2017/18 season.

To apply for a Bronze (two-day event) or Copper (one-day event), tournament organisers MUST complete the relevant application form and the England Squash online Tournament Organisers Course and receive a 'pass' grade:


Any tournament organisers wishing to host an event, must follow these regulations:

  • All entries and payments will be taken via the England Squash website
  • Price range guides including maximum
  • Further regulations are written in the recently released documentation, along with those in the organisers' guide and assessment.
England Squash junior events
  • Copper event: Entry level competition aimed at juniors who are beginners based locally.
  • Bronze event: Aimed at Juniors locally who play at a Club or County level
    • We will only sanction three Bronze events on one weekend and three Copper events on one weekend.
    • These must be geographically spread by a minimum of 100 miles between each event.
  • Silver event: A two to two and a half day competition, attracting higher ranked players.
Closing date

All applications must be received by 18th June 2017 for the season 2017/2018. For this year only, if there are any available slots remaining we will open the applications window again from 1st September – 30th September 2017. No further applications will then be considered for the 2017/2018 season.

Please note we have added information on the rankings policy and further clarity around the rankings re-calibration.