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Information for developers

Access to the England Squash database is now available for approved partners via an API. Functionality includes:

  • Membership status check for players
  • Query user details
  • List of clubs
  • Affiliation status check for clubs
  • List of England Squash counties
Data protection

In order to access any of the APIs, both developers and any end users that will have access to the data will need to have a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with England Squashin place. Full details are available in the API documentation, and advice regarding data protection (including a copy of the DPA) can be found on our Guidance on Data Protection page. Any queries can be directed to

Download the API documentation

For full details of the API, including technical details on how to access the API, download the full documentation from the link below.

API Documentation

How to get an API key

To access the data, you will need an API key, which can be requested by emailing