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arrow pointing leftBack 14 April 20 - by Elizabeth Botcherby

Keeping up with the pros

As we all adapt our daily lives to the restrictions of social distancing, England’s squash players are finding creative and entertaining ways to keep themselves active during this unusual period.

We take a look at what they’ve been up to…

Declan James

As well as sharing his home workout videos, Nottingham’s Declan James has converted his underground car park into a purpose-built squash court:

Daryl Selby

After nailing ‘Bog Roll Bullseye’, the King of the Trickshots is looking for new challengers for his latest shot – can anyone hit the target in fewer than four attempts?

Millie Tomlinson

No gym is no excuse according to Millie Tomlinson! The World No.25 shared this monster workout from her living room:

James Willstrop

Finally, instead of showing off his racket skills, Yorkshire’s James Willstrop is keeping us entertained with his Corona Diary on Facebook. From theatre productions to handshake mistakes, James’s musings take a look at the lighter side of lockdown…