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Objective: Drive increased and diverse participation

Drive increased and diverse participation in the game, with a radical advance in equality, diversity and inclusion.

Girl on court playing squash 57

How we will achieve this objective:

1. Enhance Diversity and Inclusion

Address the barriers to entry among under- represented groups – including women and girls, BAME* communities and people with disabilities – and make the squash community more reflective of society as a whole.

2. Broaden Engagement

Develop more sociable and group-oriented ways for people to engage with the game, and promote alternative formats that appeal to a broader range of players

3. Improve Accessibility

Identify and encourage opportunities to ensure that squash is accessible and affordable to all those who wish to engage with the game.

4. Develop Junior Players

Promote the range of development opportunities available for junior players, both to attract them to the game and to sustain their engagement.

5. Increase Playing Opportunities

Develop and introduce a broader range of playing opportunities that attract and retain players of all backgrounds, aspirations and skill levels.

6. Develop County Associations & Clubs

Create development opportunities for County Associations and clubs, including ways for them to share their experiences and to learn from each other.