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Our Objectives

How we will deliver our priorities.

Drive increased and more diverse participation

Drive increased participation in the game, with a radical advance in equality, diversity and inclusion.

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Upskill a world-class workforce

Inspire and train a community of world-class coaches, referees and volunteers at every level, who drive participation and increase engagement in the game.

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Sustain world-leading pathways and programmes

Sustain world-leading talent pathways and programmes for high-performing players who achieve success on the global stage and inspire others to realise their potential.

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Empower creativity and innovation

Empower creativity and innovation in the game and in our organisation’s culture, using ideas and technology to support the squash community and to engage with new audiences.

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Enhance the visibility and appeal of squash

Spearhead new and creative ways to enhance the visibility and appeal of squash at local, national and international levels, including the pursuit of Olympic inclusion.

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Provide leadership for the game

Provide leadership for the game nationally and internationally, including addressing the Climate and Ecological Crisis.

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