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Objective: Train a world-class workforce

Inspire and train a community of world-class coaches, referees and volunteers at every level, who drive participation and increase engagement in the game.

A squash tutor instructing coaches during a coaching course

How we will achieve this objective:

1. Create Workforce Pathways

Better understand the motivations of coaches, referees and volunteers and create pathways that retain them within the squash community and help them to flourish.

2. Enhance Training Methods

Enhance the way we train coaches and referees, including through increased digital delivery, so that more people can benefit from the training opportunities that are available to them.

3. Increase Diversity in Coaches & Referees

Train more coaches, young leaders and referees from a more diverse range of backgrounds, so that more potential players see ‘someone like me’ in the squash community.

4. Modernised Coaching Qualifications

Continuously enhance our coaching qualifications and courses to meet the needs of the modern coach and to maintain their reputation on the world stage.

5. Develop the Workforce Community

Create and manage a thriving professional community for coaches, referees and volunteers, including an outstanding continuing professional development scheme.