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Young people's motivations

Encouraging more young people to try squash and pick up a lifelong love of the game is what makes a club thrive. In this section you can find resources and guidance on young people's attitudes and behaviours to help you shape junior programmes at your venue.

Creating positive experiences

Research by Sport England has found that if children and young people have experiences that feel fun, positive and give them a sense of confidence, they're more likely to want to be active in the future. Physically literate children and young people are more likely to be active. Physical literacy has five elements: enjoyment, confidence, competence, understanding, and knowledge. Each one is key in getting more children and young people active. Take a look at the research to find out how you can create positive experiences for young people at your club and meet their needs and expectations.

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UK Coaching resources

Take a look at these handy videos from UK Coaching which shows you how to inspire young people during your club sessions.

What makes your session unmissable?

Young people are seeking meaningful experiences and need a reason to come back each week. Not all young people are the same; they want experiences that are tailored to them.

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What motivates young people to be active?

The most common reasons young people gave when asked why they take part in physical activity included: to meet new people, hang out with friends, get in shape, be healthy, for fun and enjoyment, and learn new skills.

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