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Good club management

This section explores all things club management from volunteers, to facility development and club finances.

Good club management and governance underpins all aspects of how your club is run and is important for your long-term success and sustainability – it can also have an impact on how others perceive your club. Find out more about good governance here.

Your club's people

This section will help ensure your club has the right roles in place, and provides guidance and resources to develop your paid and volunteer workforce

Club finances and fundraising

Tips and ideas on raising funds and generating income for your club/venue.

Club membership

Explore the variety of membership packages on offer at various clubs and how they are structured.

Data protection and GDPR

Find advice and guidance on data protection here.

Facilities maintenance

A common theme across progressive clubs is having sustainable facilities that are well maintained, ensuring a great experience for all members. Visit our squash maintenance section for advice and tips.

Having a sustainable facility

With rising energy rates and fuel costs, now is a good time to think about what your facility can do to be more sustainable and keep usage down.

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