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Club membership

Explore the variety of membership packages on offer at various clubs and how they are structured.

Clubs offer a range of membership packages and each specific setting is different and needs to be tailored to the needs of each individual club.
  • Peak and off-peak membership - some clubs offer off-peak memberships (Monday to Friday until a certain time when their courts become busy e.g after 5pm). These often cost less and can be half the price of a normal membership. Prices can start from £100 per year.
  • Court fees included / court fees not included - some clubs include court fees in their membership offer and as such don’t charge a usage fee. Meanwhile, other clubs charge a smaller membership fee and then add court fees per use on top of the membership fee.
  • Pay as you play - this membership is a great way of increasing revenue on courts from players who drop in and out of the setting. Some clubs charge a one-off nominal fee and then a higher rate court fee each time they decide to play. Striking the financial balance between offering a competitive deal but not undervaluing your full, off-peak and other membership offers is key to integrating this offer. For example, a player playing twice per week is better having a full membership of £500 per year rather than a pay as you play membership of £20 nominal fee and £7.50 per court. If the player plays once per week, the pay as you play deal is better but still engages that member in your club.
  • Full member – a membership that ensures access to the whole club, including other sports, gym and group exercise classes. Some full membership includes squash only or multiple sports. Depending on the activities on offer at your club, prices can range from a few hundred to £1,000. Some examples of full club memberships prices (September 2017) are £412 annually or £35.17 per month, £365 annually and £240 annually.
  • Student membership - this is a great membership offer that you can use to attract further education and higher education (16+) students into your club. You could promote this membership at local institutes to increase the take up of the offer. This membership offer can be off-peak and/or peak. Costs are usually half that of a full membership. Some examples of student membership prices are £165 annually and £55 annually.
  • Junior member - this membership encourages juniors to participate at your club. Again these memberships can be peak and/or off peak. Some examples of junior membership prices range from £55 to £90 annually. Your club can use activities such as Junior 101 to engage with this group. Identifying local schools and approaching them as a hub within the community can also help to encourage juniors to join your club.
  • Family membership - a discounted rate for the whole family to access the club. Some family memberships can cost £700 for a full membership or £495 for squash only. Clubs can define what a family membership consists of, but in most cases it is two adults and two juniors. The family membership works well at engaging both parents and juniors, and it can be a great upsell if you attract new junior members whose parents are also interested in playing squash.