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Participation programmes

Looking to grow the number of adult players at your club? Our participation programmes are a great way to reach new audiences and attract new players.

The participation programmes:

  • are built based on insight into different types of players
  • provide everything you need - from promotional materials through to session ideas
  • provide opportunities for giveaways and incentives
  • help create a fun and safe environment for everyone to play squash.

Each programme has its own toolkit full of promotional material, social media assets and information on playing squash that you can use to attract and retain new players.

Join the increasing number of clubs and venues who are running successful programmes now:

Squash 101

Squash 101 is our adult participation programme that offers an alternative way to play squash that involves bringing groups of players on court together to play squash in a fun, social and inclusive environment.

An estimated one million adults play squash each year but not all of these people are regular, committed, club players. There are many people who may only play squash a few times a year, but who'd like to play more often. Clubs and venues can implement the Squash 101 programme to provide regular, ongoing Squash 101 sessions offering those in frequent players an opportunity to get on court more often.

About Squash 101

Squash 101 toolkit

Squash Girls Can

Squash Girls Can is a national participation campaign which aims to inspire and encourage more adult females to pick up a racket and spend quality time together whilst getting fit and having fun. These sessions aim to be:

  • Female-only
  • Social and friendly
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Low cost

About Squash Girls Can

Squash Girls Can toolkit

Mixed Ability Squash

A squash programme that brings players of all abilities on court together to break down barriers that disabled people see in mainstream sports, and deliver inclusive, safe and non-judgmental activity.

About Mixed Ability Squash

Mixed Ability Squash toolkit

Squash from the Mosque

A squash programme designed to take the game into the heart of communities, connect with new audiences and inspire more people of Muslim faith on court.

About Squash from the Mosque

Squash from the Mosque toolkit

Squash 57

Bigger racket, bouncier ball, and longer rallies... Squash 57 is a great way to introduce new players to the game, reach new audiences and keep people playing for longer.

About Squash 57

Squash 57 toolkit