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Senior Inter County Championships

The Inter County Championships is the largest event that we run with more than 2,000 players representing their counties in 22 categories throughout the season across senior, masters and junior categories. Dependent upon which category, there can be multiple divisions, from Premier to Division 2.

The Senior Championships provide competitive opportunities for players beyond club level in a team environment, and the opportunity to represent their county.

Entries for this year's competition will be made online, county secretaries will be responsible for entering teams.

View and enter online

Click here for the dates for the 2017-2018 season.

Event details

There are currently 3 different categories in the Senior Championships:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Open Squash 57


A full copy of the regulations can be downloaded here.


The Premier Division of the Men's and Women's categories are played over one weekend toward the end of the season. All other divisions are played in two stages over two weekends.

  • Stage I: consists of a weekend competition – counties are grouped according to the previous year's results and regionally, where possible.
  • Finals: the results from Stage I dictate these groupings, which are played over a weekend with teams playing for their final placings, as well as for promotion and relegation.
  • Two teams are promoted and relegated each season (where appropriate).
  • Only those teams in the Premier Divisions can win each category.
  • Teams are made up of five players.

Event management

  • The Championships are run by England Squash centrally.
  • Counties are responsible for entering teams and for the selection of players for teams.
  • All players must be valid England Squash members in order to participate in the Championships.
  • Individual weekends are run by host counties with England Squash running and staging all finals weekends.

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