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Senior Inter County Championships

The Inter County Championships is the largest competitions that we run with more than 2,000 players representing their counties in 22 categories throughout the season across senior, masters and junior categories.

The Senior Championships provide competitive opportunities for players beyond club level in a team environment, and the opportunity to represent their county.

The event is split up into two weekends, Division One and Premier.

Entry Process

Entries for this years competition are now open. Enter now via the link below.


Premier Division entries will only be accepted for the following teams:

Men's (Devon, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent 1, Northumbria, Sussex, Warwickshire, Yorkshire 1)

Women's (Cheshire, Essex, Gloucestershire, Middlesex 1, South East Wales 1, Surrey, Warwickshire, Yorkshire 1)

Event Dates

Stage I (Divisions 1 & 2 only): 1st - 26th-27th February 2022

Finals (Premier Division, Division 1 & 2): 9th - 10th April 2022


Stage I North:

  • Hallamshire Tennis and SC, 716 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield S11 8TA

Stage I South:

  • TBC


  • TBC after Stage 1.


A full copy of the regulations can be downloaded here.


Division One and Division Two have been merged.

  • Stage I:
    • Division One will be played out over the 26th and 27th February 2022
    • The North will be played in Sheffield and the South will be played on TBC
    • Counties have been split into randomly drawn groups of 3 or 4.
    • The winner of each group in Division 1 will go into a promotion group to be played at the Premier Finals weekend in April 2022
  • Finals:
    • The Premier Divisions and Division 1 promotion groups will play out this weekend
    • Both groups of counties will be played out in an 8 draw monrad format with the bottom two teams from Premier Division being relegated to Division One and the top two from Division One being promoted to the Premier Division.
  • Two teams are promoted and relegated each season (where appropriate)
  • Teams are made up of five players and played out as a best of 5 format

Competition Management

  • The Championships are run by England Squash centrally
  • Counties are responsible for entering teams and for the selection of players for teams
  • All players must be valid England Squash members in order to participate in the Championships

For more information contact