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World Squash Day 2021

Join the Big Squash Reunion!

World Squash Day is back with a bang on Saturday 9 October! With some players still yet to make their #courtcomeback, we’re encouraging the community to come together this World Squash Day for the Big Squash Reunion and stage events to re-engage lapsed players.

Scroll down for event ideas, tips to re-engage existing players and attract new ones plus promotional downloads including a video and social media graphics.

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Claim Dunlop kit worth £250

This World Squash Day, we’ve teamed up with Dunlop and PDH Sports to offer 50 England Squash affiliated clubs and Coaches Cub members £150 online voucher to spend at the Dunlop England Squash online store plus £100 worth of free balls! Simply run a Squash 101, Squash 57 or Squash Girls Can programme between 9 October and 18 December. The first 50 clubs that record 20 adult players on the England Squash App can claim the kit. T&Cs apply.

About the kit

The £150 voucher can be used on anything in the Dunlop England Squash Online Store. Alternatively, check out these great value discounted packages exclusive to affiliated clubs and Coaches Club members for £150:

The free Dunlop balls include:

  • 12 x pro squash balls
  • 12 x comp squash balls
  • 12 x progress squash balls
  • 3 x double dot squash 57 balls
  • 3 x yellow dot squash 57 balls

Express your interest now

How to claim

Step 1: Register your interest in taking part.
Step 2: Start planning your Squash 101, squash 57 and/or Squash Girls Can session (must be staged between 9 October and 18 December 2021).
Step 3: Deliver your sessions and register 20 new adult players on the England Squash App (the first 50 affiliated clubs to register players on the England Squash App from 9 October can claim the equipment). Once you've hit your target, we'll let you know by email if you're a winner.

About the programmes

Check out our toolkits for tips to stage a session plus video and graphics to support its promotion.

Engaging players

Ideas to re-engage existing players

Clubs and counties around the country share their ideas for re-engaging players back to squash following lockdown.

Nottinghamshire Squash revival

As part of a drive to reignite squash in the county and get more competitive players revved up for the new season, Nottingham Squash Rackets Club staged a fun and informal team event at The Park in September '21 featuring 48 players from eight Nottinghamshire clubs following the county AGM.

14 teams consisting of up to four players took part in a graded round-robin with each match lasting 20 minutes and every point counting towards the overall score. The 20-minute time cap meant matches were fast, fun yet competitive, and gave players the chance to play multiple matches, to know when they were playing and how long the event would last. It also helped the organisers to schedule the event effectively. The event was rounded off with a fun BBQ and drinks outside.

Manchester inter-club friendly

In a bid to engage in some competitive social squash ahead of the new season, Cheetham Hill Squash Club invited local rivals Fairways Lodge over for a friendly team tournament. Featuring two sides of 15 players, players played at least two best-of-three matches based on ability then capped off the event with takeaway pizza at the bar, giving everyone the chance to catch up and unwind.

Marple incentivises members

Marple Squash Club in Cheshire set out on a mission to encourage members to return to the club, and to thank them for their ongoing support and engagement during lockdown. The club offered a 50% discount on annual membership to all new and existing members for 2020, continuing this offer for 2021. The result of this was a 100% increase in membership over the course of the pandemic.

As restrictions were lifted, the club was quick to arrange Club and Community nights to encourage members to mingle and tap into what everybody had been missing - social connections alongside the sport. The latest initiative has been the introduction of a drinks fridge. With the opportunity to be social and remain on the squash balcony, members are lingering longer, making stronger social connections and rebuilding the club community. The Club is stronger than ever.

Tips to attract new players

Once you've decided on the type of event you'll host, it's time to think about how you will get people there. Here are our tips:

Link up with other sports within your venue

Invite the members from your club's other sports sections to try squash for World Squash Day. It's a captive audience that you can tap into!

Get families involved

Hold an event for the whole family. Invite the parents of your juniors along or the children of your adult players.

Get friends involved

Encourage your current members to bring a friend for free to an event on World Squash Day. Offer them an incentive like a free month's pass for the friend and the member.

Community groups

Link up with a local community group and invite them along to try squash like the Women’s Institute, the University of the Third Age, a local college, a local university, the local nursery or a local business.

Promote in your local community

Promote your activities locally. Make use of community Facebook groups and display posters in the local area.

It's important to promote your events to as many people as possible. Here are a few suggestions of people, groups and organisations to contact.

  • Your Active Partnership will have contacts with many local community groups and could help to promote your World Squash day events.
  • Tell your local press about your events, and invite them along on the day.
  • Find out which local community groups and businesses are nearby and get in touch to tell them about your events and invite them along.
  • If you're part of a multi-sport club invite the players from other sports sections to come along.
  • Your county squash association can help with promoting your events.
  • Link up with local schools, colleges and universities.
  • Get in touch with your local council and councillors – invite them along to your event.

For further ideas on how to increase the visibility of your event, head to the official World Squash Day website.

World Squash Day 2021 promo video

Download our promotional video to use across your digital channels to entice players to your event.

Download: Landscape | Square

World Squash Day 2021 downloadable posters and digital assets

Download graphics to promote your event across your website, social media and venue.

A4 venue poster: PDF | JPG
Website banner (1600x1224)

Poster: 10 great reasons to play squash

Download our A4 poster showcasing the great benefits of squash to use on your website, social media channels or around your venue.

Social media graphics: 10 reasons to play squash

Download our 10 social media graphics promoting the benefits of squash to promote on your Insta, Twitter and Facebook to entice players to your event.


Download copyright-free high res photos from the following toolkits:

Download the World Squash Day 2021 logo designed by Robert Pacey of Squash Republic:

Download the World Squash Day logo
World Squash Day logo

Download: JPG | PNG | EPS

Further World Squash Day resources

Visit the official World Squash Day website for further ideas on making your event a huge hit.

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