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World Squash Day 2022

World Squash Day returns on Saturday 15 October and we’re encouraging the community to come together once again and stage events to encourage players to get their game on.

This annual campaign is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to people in your local community and showcase what your club has to offer, and stage taster sessions. We're encouraging clubs to get behind our new 'Get your Game on' campaign and showcase the breadth of playing opportunities available to existing and new players, inspiring them to play squash on their terms, no matter their playing style or background.

Scroll down for tips to attract players, activity ideas for beginners plus downloadable posters and digital assets.

Engaging players and beginner activity ideas

Activity ideas for beginners

World Squash Day provides a unique opportunity to inspire infrequent and lapsed players and engage new audiences. By ensuring your club or venue offers a range of activities, you can make the most of the potential increased interest in squash.

Providing the right type of activity for new players is essential; a thriving club is one that has something on offer for all types of player.

Beginners activities - ideas

  • Squash 101 – group, beginner friendly squash
  • Squash Girls Can - female-only group beginner friendly squash sessions
  • Squash 57 - any group, beginner friendly, social Squash 57 activity.
  • Squash Stars - a new junior programme aimed at 5 - 11 year olds
  • Mixed Ability Squash 57 - a new inclusive programme that aims to attract people with disabilities or long-term conditions to the sport.

Tips to attract new players

Once you've decided on the type of event you'll host, it's time to think about how you will get people there. Here are our tips:

Link up with other sports within your venue

Invite the members from your club's other sports sections to try squash for World Squash Day. It's a captive audience that you can tap into!

Get families involved

Hold an event for the whole family. Invite the parents of your juniors along or the children of your adult players.

Get friends involved

Encourage your current members to bring a friend for free to an event on World Squash Day. Offer them an incentive like a free month's pass for the friend and the member.

Community groups

Link up with a local community group and invite them along to try squash like the Women’s Institute, the University of the Third Age, a local college, a local university, the local nursery or a local business.

Promote in your local community

Promote your activities locally. Make use of community Facebook groups and display posters in the local area.

It's important to promote your events to as many people as possible. Here are a few suggestions of people, groups and organisations to contact.

  • Your Active Partnership will have contacts with many local community groups and could help to promote your World Squash day events.
  • Tell your local press about your events, and invite them along on the day.
  • Find out which local community groups and businesses are nearby and get in touch to tell them about your events and invite them along.
  • If you're part of a multi-sport club invite the players from other sports sections to come along.
  • Your county squash association can help with promoting your events.
  • Link up with local schools, colleges and universities.
  • Get in touch with your local council and councillors – invite them along to your event.

For further ideas on how to increase the visibility of your event, head to the official World Squash Day website.

Get your Game On

Get your Game on is our latest marketing campaign to inspire infrequent players and newcomers on court and keep up the momentum following the Commonwealth Games. Head over to our toolkit to download web and social media graphics below and use the suggested accompanying wording to promote your club.

View toolkit

Poster: 10 great reasons to play squash

Download our A4 poster showcasing the great benefits of squash to use on your website, social media channels or around your venue.

Social media graphics: 10 reasons to play squash

Download our 10 social media graphics promoting the benefits of squash to promote on your Insta, Twitter and Facebook to entice players to your event.


Download copyright-free high res photos from the following toolkits:

Download the World Squash Day 2022 logo:

Download the World Squash Day logo
World Squash Day logo

Download: JPG | PNG

Further World Squash Day resources

Visit the official World Squash Day website for further ideas on making your event a huge hit.

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