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Become a Squash Stars delivery partner

There are just a few simple steps to becoming a Squash Stars delivery partner! Read on to discover the benefits to your club, delivery partner requirements and how to sign up for future intakes.

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How your club/venue will benefit

  • Engage more kids and feed your junior pathway.
  • There's little cost to the club - you'll just pay for the leader and courts. Rackets and balls will be paid for by the parents via and sent to them directly.
  • Increase awareness of your club through our national marketing and PR campaign.
  • Deliver a ready-made junior programme with support from England Squash including onboarding and promotion.
  • Get a feel-good factor spreading amongst your membership with new faces and renewed enthusiasm.
  • Provide fresh inspiration for founding members and volunteers to continue participating in club life.

Key dates for February intake

14 November - Deadline for new clubs to register for Squash Stars

21 November - Deadline for clubs to create Squash Stars sessions

28 November - Marketing campaign will start on social media

27 December - Marketing campaign will increase with paid for ads

30 January to 2 April - Clubs in England will deliver Squash Stars

Squash Stars will return in October 2023

Support from England Squash

Our team will provide:

  • training on how to successfully deliver the programme.
  • a log-in to to add your programme and manage players.
  • a starter kit including a leaders t-shirt and pop-up banner.
  • marketing support including promotional materials that complements the wider national marketing campaign.

Delivery partner requirements

Every club/venue that runs Squash Stars must:

  • Have a Welfare Officer/Safeguarding Lead in place for September.
  • Have a First Aider present at every session (this can either be the leader or staff member).
  • Deliver six beginner-friendly, fun group activities as outlined in the Squash Stars leaders course.
  • Appoint a Leader/coach to complete the Squash Stars Leaders course.

Become a delivery partner

We're now inviting clubs to deliver Squash Stars in October 2023:

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Got a questions?

Contact Kirsten: or have a read of our FAQs.